Reiki Clinics

Here is a great opportunity for you to offer a few minutes of balance and calm for all who wish in your organization.  Fifteen minute sessions are provided in a comfortable chair. The benefits that Reiki can provide are experienced first hand. This offering has been popular with comments such as "I didn't think that I could feel this good today," and "My headache has eased, I feel relaxed thank you!"    One of the owners of the West Concord Pharmacy, SAAD DINNO in West Concord MA remarked that he liked the notion of east meeting west, hence his openness to Reiki clinics in his pharmacy.


There will be a Reiki clinic  at the West Concord Pharmacy October 26, 2019!

Call or email (contact page) to reserve a complementary session in advance!

Call 978-287-1456 for more information.  I'd be delighted to set a time that will be convenient for a clinic, most often two hours.  


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