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Reiki Program for Seniors


I provide Reiki programs that are particularly beneficial and especially designed

for senior communities. 


Why bring a Reiki program to your community?


Reiki is a gentle, safe healing modality that has been shown to be deeply relaxing for seniors.  It is beneficial for heart rate variability, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.  In addition tight muscles relax after a Reiki session and range of motion can improve. There is great interest and new understanding of the far reaching benefits of Reiki for seniors.  Reiki programs are offered by holistic caring and forward thinking organizations.   In Boston it is practiced at major medical centers including Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center.   


How does the program work?


I provide informal talks, relaxation exercises and Reiki demonstrations.  Reiki appointments are provided by request and are available to community members and staff.  Reiki sessions relax and invigorate.  

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