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I am a certified Reiki practitioner and teacher studied in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Reiki.  I am registered as a Reiki professional with the International Association of Reiki Professionals, IARP.  Most importantly I practice and experience Reiki and its benefits regularly so that I can share its healing qualities with others.  I was part of a team of Reiki practitioners providing service to patients at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts for seven years and currently have a Reiki practice at Be Well and Beyond Inc., a highly respected integrative health care center in Acton, Massachusetts. 


My first Reiki experience was in 1998.  I felt a profound sense of relaxation after receiving Reiki while recovering from surgery.  There is no doubt that Reiki had promoted my physical and emotional healing.  I wanted to know more and have been studying and applying the principles of Reiki to my every day life ever since.


I am pleased to present Reiki trainings, as well as informative Reiki talks and demonstrations for businesses and organizations.  Talks include relaxation exercises,  a clear explanation of what Reiki is, its many benefits and a demonstration of a Reiki session.  There is always ample time for  questions and answers.


As a life long educator with a holistic approach and now a Reiki practitioner, mentor and teacher, I am known to work sensitively and effectively with the whole person.  It is an honor to bring relaxation, a sense of well being and a promotion of healing to others through the beautiful practice of Reiki.

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